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Laser Hair Removal

We use a high quality machine to get rid of unwanted hair through a non invasive technology called Intense Pulsed Light Therapy. Each person requires approximately 8-12 sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart depending on their skin tone, genetic makeup, hair color, body part, and other factors.
Text 780.307.5463 for a consultation.



Our highly trained staff provide lash extensions and lash lifts to make morning routines simpler. Every person leaves with a completely customized look to suit them. Book your consultation or appointment today



Our team offers a range of brow services to suit everyone’s brow needs! From our most basic wax & tint to permanent makeup.. and our Henna or Lamination looks, we are sure to have a look for everyone! Message us for a consultation today.



A wide range of treatments are available to take care of your skincare needs. Starting with our Signature Facial, it is a combination of glow and relaxation that ensure you will feel rejuvenated. 
Dermaplaning is a very popular exfoliating technique that removes the vellus hair (peach fuzz) as well as the first layer of dry, dead skin to reveal a smooth, glowing canvas. This treatment encourages cell renewal. We recommend this treatment every four weeks.
Microneedling creates micro holes that stimulate the healing process. This procedure increases collagen production, and reduces the look of fine lines, acne scarring or stretch marks. It is recommended to come every 4-6 weeks for best results. Downtime varies but approximately is 24 - 48 hours.
We have a wide range of chemical peels ranging from intense to mild. Whether you are looking for improving the appearance of sun spots or fine lines, or wanting a brighter glow, we have the treatment for you! We do require a consultation before the appointment. Chemical peels are best performed monthly until you reach your desired results.


Body Contouring

We are so excited to offer this non invasive, exclusive service. Using advanced technologies such as radio frequency, laser energy, and ultrasound technology, our team treats stubborn fat cells combined with lymphatic drainage leaving our clients feeling empowered and confident. These services are best completed weekly until you meet your goal. Please reach out to book a consultation



Come join us for a beverage, and sit back and relax during your pedicure. Enjoy your choice of sugar scrub, a relaxing massage, and choose from over 50 gel colors! Bring your bestie or partner and enjoy together.


Gel Nails

Join our advanced team of professionals with a combined 16 years of experience for gel nails. Whether you choose a gel polish application or a built up gel nail, we welcome you to our space.

Sugar Wax


Sugaring is a great form of hair removal that is a natural process, that removes the hair root and dead skin only. For best results, come approximately every 4 weeks. Payten specializes is Brazilians. Message for a consultation



Did you know we offer services for our minis!? Serving ages under 12.. we offer a hydrojelly facial, a relaxing pedicure, or gel polish! We can accommodate groups of 2-3 minis.


Permanent Makeup

We have two talented Permanent Makeup Artists on staff. Join Alla for lip blush, eye liner or brows. Payten has mastered Powdered Ombré Brows. Most applications last for one to three years with a touch up needed four to six weeks following the initial service.



Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a system of natural healing involving the laying-on of hands, it works with Ki/Chi, or life-force energy. Reiki offers healing for the body, mind, and spirit. When Reiki is flowing it helps to clear blocks, infuses the body with the energies of love and light.

A Crystal facial is a special service that Brittany offers. It is an assemblage of various crystals chosen for their particular properties and combined in a geometric pattern to create a stronger pattern to create a stronger vibration frequency. They are placed in a harmonious composition on your face to help you feel more balanced, energized, or refreshed. Crystal Gua sha tools are then used during the facial on the face, neck and chest, which help to clear the lymphatic system and help with skin health.

Massage Therapy


Christine is a talented Registered Massage Therapist specializing in OSTHEO. Thorough in her consultation, she determines the best treatment plan customized to you. Direct billing is available to most insurance plans. To book with Christine, please email, text, call or use her online booking system


Skin Rejuvenation

A non invasive procedure helps to tackle sun spots, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, acne, and broken capillaries. It works by sending light wavelengths deep into the skin to stimulate cell renewal. It is recommended to receive this treatment every 4 weeks for best results.


Makeup Application

Our highly trained staff are here to create a flawless finished makeup look for your wedding, family photos, a night out or just because you deserve it! Our team uses high end products to achieve the best results.

Injection cosmetology


Join Erika for Neurotoxins and Fillers. Dysport is injected into the muscles that control these movements to help relax the muscle and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Erika will dive into an in-depth consultation to meet your needs and provide you with a safe treatment plan!

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